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How Effective Are Wall Decals for Your New York Business?

In the past, anytime someone wanted to create a custom wall graphic for their business, they needed to hire an artist to design and paint it. This method was not only expensive, but it was also very time-consuming. Another popular option was to purchase a bunch of stock wallpaper and repeat the pattern through your space.

With the advancements in technology, you can now have a customer image imprinted on commercial wallpaper or wall vinyl. Add more creativity to your area with wall decals that can transform any room with a custom aesthetic installation.

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What is a Wall Decal?

Looking for a quick and easy way to decorate your wall areas? Wall decals are printed vinyl that is designed to stick to any wall surface. These can easily transform any wall space using different types of designs.

Decals for walls are made with a thin vinyl material that is easy to install and remove. Despite the adhesives, removing them also does not do any damage to your wall’s paint.

Because they are digitally printed, you can have virtually any design added to your walls. Vinyl wall graphics can be cut and formed into different shapes to create the design you need.

If you’re looking to incorporate a large-scale brand image in your NYC office, retail, or corporate building space, then consider a wall decal. Not only does it enhance the ambiance of your area, but it’s a great way to showcase your brand to clients, employees, guests, and consumers. Patrons will immediately be impressed with the unique branding and creative designs of our wall decals in New York City.

Types Of Custom Office Wall Decals For Business

Street Style Sign Studio offers a variety of wall decal options for New York businesses. Here are some popular choices:
  • Wall Cutouts – the most popular option. These decals for walls are ideal for lettering and adding borders or patterns to your walls.
  • Printed Vinyl Stickers–cutout stickers available in a range of shapes and sizes. They are ideal for smaller details as these are more prone to tearing.
  • Vinyl Wall Lettering–these wall signs are cut into letters and characters of different fonts. This lets you add numbers and texts to your walls.
  • Block-Out Vinyl Wall–this helps prevent any light source from passing through. This is great for regulating the amount of light that comes in.
While doing a search on wall graphics near you, talk to our sign experts about your specific needs. Our team will walk you through the process of designing and creating signs that benefit your business.

Cost of Business Wall Decals in NYC

The cost of decals for walls varies widely depending on multiple elements. These include:
  • The type of vinyl used
  • Size of decals
  • Complexity of design
Installation is also a big part of the cost. The rates for wall graphic installers in NYC usually range from $2 – $5 per square foot of office wall graphics. Dry wall installation is also different from textured walls. There may also be fees for equipment rental, transportation, and the like.

Uses For Vinyl Wall Signs For Business

Wall decals are very versatile and can be used for many different applications. It is an excellent way to transform any wall space into a functional and interesting business feature.

Wall decal printing in NYC can be used for:

How to Decorate Your Home or Office Wall?

Even if you’re looking to upgrade your home/office in NYC, our custom wall graphics are an excellent way to spruce up your office or home’s interior design and make it a space that you’ll be proud to show off. Not only is it a great way to add a little more personality to your home, but it’ll also be a great addition to home decor. Say goodbye to dated wallpaper with one of our custom-made designs and transform the entire vibe of your home.

Our thin and flexible vinyl designs are easy to apply. Just remove the unique adhesive that’s specially-engineered to be placed on any wall. Before application, make sure the surface is clean, smooth, and weather-resistant. We recommend checking the wall or display area for any dust, grease, and other contaminants before installation for best results. Our NYC wall decals are also very easy to clean. Simply dampen a soft cloth or sponge with cool water. Be sure to avoid cleaners, like alcohol, ammonia, or citrus additives, as they may weaken the adhesive material.

Looking for Wall Decals Near You?

Use your wall spaces to your advantage with custom wall decals in New York City! They are a simple yet efficient addition to your business space.

Street Style Sign Studio is your go-to wall decal maker in New York. Our decals are made with high-quality materials that stay vibrant and long-lasting. Whether you need business wall graphics for your lobby, hallways, or store interior, we can help!

Contact us today to learn more, and we’ll give you a FREE quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wall decals are vinyl adhesives used for various wall surfaces. They are typically smaller than murals and graphics but larger than stickers.

Wall decals are used in different ways, from advertising to adding decor to your walls. They are usually a single color and can be laser-cut into different shapes and forms.

Wall graphics are a versatile sign solution. They are a simple, affordable, and convenient way to make use of your empty walls. Wall graphics lets you turn your walls into a branding, marketing, or wayfinding tool. You can add text, images, and graphics to your walls to make them more interesting and memorable.

Wall decals and graphics are designed to adhere to wall surfaces and be easily removed when needed. In general, they shouldn’t damage your walls.

However, extreme temperatures, textured walls, and other environmental factors may cause some issues. When removing your wall decals, it’s important to remove them gently and carefully.

Wall decals and wall stickers are terms often used interchangeably.  However, they differ in how they adhere to surfaces.

Stickers have a backing paper that you peel off to expose the adhesive, whereas decals need a transfer paper to transfer the print to before you can apply it to a smooth surface.

Wall stickers are a versatile tool that can be used in various ways. This lets you add details to wall surfaces, like text and graphics. You can use it to display wayfinding information, product details, branding elements, and more. They’re also a great tool for adding decor to your business space.

Wall signs help businesses transform any blank wall space into a business asset. Walls can be used for marketing, branding, and conveying various information to your clients or employees. It is cost-effective and space-saving. No need to use valuable floor space to advertise your products or boost your brand in New York.

Wall decals can last anywhere between a few months to a few years. Their longevity depends largely on the type of vinyl material used and the location to which they are applied.

For instance, their quality can be affected if your decals are exposed to high temperatures and other harmful elements.

The difference between vinyl stickers and vinyl decals is how they are printed and made.

Vinyl stickers have the design printed on vinyl sheets with an adhesive backing and backing paper. Vinyl decals are vinyl or PVC sheets that are laser-cut to create your design. These are usually single-colored designs.