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Shake up your next trade show with a little motion. Our NYC Banners are a perfect way to display your business to people visiting your trade show booth, storefront, or other buildings. Let us create a custom-made banner that helps bring more awareness to your brand. The movement and color will work to catch the attention of anyone passing by. You can even place our banners outside for a dramatic effect whenever it catches the breeze.

A custom banner communicates that something special is going on, whether it is an event, a promotion, a grand opening, or the opening of your booth at a trade show. Vinyl and fabric banners have a lot of visual impact and help you draw attention. They are especially effective considering their low cost, ease of portability, and long-term durability. The team at Street Style Sign Studio offers large format printing in New York as well as guidance for all of your banner design decisions. Learn more about these highly cost-effective signs from our team. 

It’s time to think outside the box. We offer our NYC clients products that are fully customizable, whether you want to play it safe with a rectangular shape or take it to the next level with one of our custom shapes. Crafted from superior materials and textures, we aim to create a look that transforms any vision our clients have. From permanent outdoor fixtures to banners for a one-time trade show, we tailor our designs to fit our client’s needs.

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Increase your Display Impact with Vinyl Banners in New York

  • Create brand awareness. Choosing the right colors can make a huge impact on visibility. Effective color contrasts can help increase the number of customers that walk through your door. Regardless of your needs, our in-house graphic design team can help you choose the right colors to communicate your brand effectively.
  • They are multi-functional. You can’t have the best booth or exhibit if your banners lack movement and functionality. We can help your company stand out with videos and innovative animation projections. Our custom vinyl printed banners will help bring the crowds to your booth.
  • Quick information. The right sign will include just the key information to help potential customers understand what you do and what services or products you offer. The tone, company name, and design all go a long way to communicate your brand to the public before they ever meet you.

Options and Types of Banners

When designing your banner, you’ll have several options to consider, including:

  • Material: There are several different weights of vinyl available for your banners. Thicker banners provide better performance, including durability, and potential resistance to tearing and temperature damage. However, these thicker options are also more expensive.
  • Finish: The main surface of your banner can be finished with a matte, smooth look or a glossy look that reflects more light. You may also wish to choose an edge finish that can improve the durability of the banner.
  • Hanging options: Depending on how you are hanging or displaying your banner, you may need grommets or pole pockets on the sign.
  • Size: Of course, we also offer banners in multiple sizes.

Benefits of Banners

Why choose banners when you need a sign? Banners allow you to make each marketing dollar that you spend more impactful. Along with their affordability, they offer great benefits in a combination that you won’t find with other sign types, including:

  • Portability:Transporting banners is simple. Many banner stands automatically roll up the banner for you, and are lightweight enough for you to carry to and from your vehicle. This is one reason banners are popular options for tradeshows and businesses that change location frequently.
  • Size:While thin and light, banners are large signs that easily catch the attention of anyone standing nearby. Often, the larger a sign, the more impactful it can be, especially at crowded events.
  • Durability: Banners will last a long time and can be used for events that you promote seasonally or once every year.
  • Cleaning:Vinyl banners need only light cleaning. Simply use a non-chemical cleaner and wipe the banner down with a gentle cloth.

When to Use a Vinyl Banner

There are more opportunities to use vinyl banners than you might realize. Considering the many benefits of these signs, you may want to consider using them for:

  • Tradeshows
  • Events
  • Foodservice
  • Product promotion
  • Service promotion
  • Grand openings

The Cost of Banners

One of the best benefits of banners is that they are extremely cost-effective, while still being large, perfectly customizable signs. What will your banner cost specifically? That depends on the design, size, and other design options that you choose. Trust the experts at Street Style Sign Studio not to just get you a phenomenal design, but also to ensure that your banner ends up at a price point you’re happy with.

Choose Street Style Sign Studio for Custom Banners

If you’re in New York and searching for “banner printing near me,” then you’ve found the right company. Street Style Sign company offers exceptional design and customer service for everything from New York backdrop banners to custom tradeshow banners. Contact us to get started.