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When we think of effective marketing tools, often the first thing we think about is the big, bright signs we see. These are ideal, especially when you want to generate attention for your New York business.

However, not all effective sign solutions are grandiose. When done right, even the smallest and simplest signs can make a huge difference in your business.

What Is a Custom Decal?

Custom decals are designs printed on a substrate. It has an adhesive layer that lets you transfer it to another surface, like glass or metal.

These signs can be cut and formed into any shape, with varying sizes depending on your needs. This allows you to add designs to different surfaces both inside and outside your New York business.

Vinyl decals are meant to last years. However, they can be removed without damaging the surface they’re applied to. When you need to switch out your signs periodically, these are a great choice.

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Types of Decals

Street Style Sign Studio offers a wide range of NY decals options for your business needs. The cost of decals depends on the type, size, material, and design you choose. Here are popular options that New York businesses choose:

  1. Vehicle Decals – These are decals used on vehicle surfaces. They are great for adding details to your company vehicles. These details can include your business name, logo, contact info, and the like.
  1. Window Decals – These decals are installed on your store or office windows. This lets you use these empty spaces for marketing, branding, and more.
  1. Wall Decals – These are New York city decals applied to interior or exterior wall surfaces. It is a simple yet effective way to elevate your space. instead of facing a blank wall, you can add product details, quotes, or your business mantra to make it more engaging.
  1. Floor Decals – Aside from windows and walls, your floors are also excellent surfaces for decals. These are made with thinner, waterproof, and slip-resistant materials. They are great for wayfinding and branding using your floor areas.

Uses for Vinyl Decal

Custom decals NYC are a unique and interesting addition to any business space. They turn simple, mundane surfaces into tools that can help your New York business.


Printed vinyl decal custom are one of the easiest ways to add branding details to your business. Any space becomes a branding tool just by adding decals with your business name and logo.

Using decals on your vehicles, for instance, lets you take your brand everywhere your vehicle goes.


Vinyl decal custom are used when you need a quick and easy advertising tool. These let you add images of your products or services to your walls or windows. Custom vinyl decal printing can be used on your floors to point customers toward your latest offerings.

Seasonal Décor

Graphics and decals are also used for adding decorative elements to your business space. This makes your business look more eye-catching and appealing. Also, keeping up with the season creates a positive atmosphere within your business.

Removable custom stickers nyc are the ideal solution to decorating your space. It’s so convenient to switch them out from one season to another.

Your Top-Rated Vinyl Decals Printing Company In New York City

Street Style Sign Studios offers a wide range of types, materials, and design options for custom decals NYC. Whether you need one for marketing, branding, or decorating, our team can deliver. 

Our custom vinyl sticker nyc are made using high-quality vinyl material. This creates vibrant, long-lasting decals that make your business space unique and memorable. 

For your signage needs, feel free to contact us today! Our sign experts are more than happy to give you a free consultation.