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Take your branding on the road with custom Fleet Wraps. Get your name out there and in front of consumers and potential clients. Vehicle wraps are a smart and strategic way to multi-task. For most NYC businesses, the most challenging part of growing your business is attracting new customers in New York.

While trade shows, mailouts, networking events, and conferences are a great way to spread the word about your company, they often require a lot of time and preparation. By adding a vinyl wrap to your fleet, you’ll be spreading the word and attracting new customers wherever your company cars, trucks or vans go. 

Custom Fleet Wraps In New York

Fleet wraps are made of high-resolution images and are designed and printed on heavy-duty vinyl material to cover your fleet of vehicles partially or fully. Custom fleet wraps act as one of the most effective forms of advertising and creating brand awareness while on the road. A well-designed combination of vibrant colors, eye-catching design, and precision installation can positively impact your brand’s image. 

Busy roads of New York are the perfect place to highlight your brand and custom commercial fleet wraps can help you capitalize on this opportunity by passively displaying your brand to nearby people.

We can customize any vehicle wraps to suit your individual needs. When you target the area you work and live in, you’re guaranteed to increase your brand awareness, sales, and local presence. If you’re looking to add consistency across your brand, vehicle wraps are a great addition to your marketing.

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Fleet Wraps Consultation in New York

We can customize any vehicle wraps to suit your individual needs. When you target the area, you work and live in, you are guaranteed to increase your brand awareness, sales, and local presence. If you are looking to add consistency across your brand, vehicle wraps are a great addition to your marketing.

Fleet Wrap Options

There are several types of fleet wraps available in the market and choosing a suitable type will help you get the best results. Some of the commonly used options include:

  • Color Change Wrap. We can match any hue for those with multiple logo colors or a distinct and exciting color to display their brand. Give your vehicles a facelift, and upgrade or revamp your company logo and design—without wasting time and money on a new paint job.
  • Full Vehicle Wrap. Looking for the WOW effect? Our talented team of designers can transform your fleet or individual vehicles into an eye-catching branding statement. By adding a full vehicle wrap, you’ll be sure to be the talk of the town, and for good reason.
  • Partial Vehicle Wrap. Even if your vehicle already has its own color that you prefer, a particle wrap can elevate your brand recognition. Our team has experience working with all kinds of designs that will make your partial wrap look full. Reach out to us today to find out how we can help your showcase your logo or message across the community.

Depending on your requirements, commercial fleet graphics can take up a selected portion or cover the entire vehicle. Since heavy-duty vehicles have a larger surface area than cars, the total cost of a full vehicle wrap for them can be higher but can vary. Some business owners prefer partial wraps for larger vehicles. So, if you have a custom fleet of vans or trucks, a partial vehicle wrap can create a powerful impact.

Benefits of Getting Fleet Vehicle Wraps in NYC

Business owners in New York are aware of the tough competition and high costs associated with marketing a product. With fleet wraps in NYC, you can effectively advertise your brand and solidify your brand’s perception for your customers. Here are some benefits of getting fleet wraps in New York:

Cost-effective Solution 

Customizable fleet wraps are an affordable solution for advertising your brand. These wraps are a one-time cost that can last for years with some care. Unlike other modes of advertising where businesses are required to pay per click or per feature, fleet wraps are an affordable option that can be used for a long time. 

Larger Reach 

Most people living in New York use some sort of transportation to reach their destination daily. With fleet wraps you can reach a large base of potential customers daily. These commercial fleet wraps act as mobile billboards to reach a newer segment of the audience every day.

Brand Awareness 

As more people view your commercial fleet graphics, you create brand awareness and recognition. Timely exposure to potential buyers builds a sense of trust among them and prompts them to become familiar with your business. 

Customized Solutions

Fleet graphics are highly customizable and can be designed in any color, design, shape, and size. You can create a valuable advertising strategy using the right combination of colors and company information. Creating brand exposure using customized graphics has a better impact than mainstream standard advertising formats. 

Whether your commercial fleet includes trucks, cars, vans, or trolleys, we can help you create a lasting impression with our high-quality fleet wraps. Contact us today to unlock the full potential of custom wraps in New York. 

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