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Restrooms are an essential part of any establishment in New York. As they address a basic human need, customers and employees must find them easily inside your business space.

Avoid having people go round and round searching for the nearest bathroom. Get bathroom signs for your facility today. 

The Right Signs for Your Restrooms

Signs for bathrooms are often so standard that they are overlooked by most businesses. However, they create a unique opportunity for businesses. They can be used to enhance the experience of your customers.

These signs are important for any business or organization. They function to:

Give directions to the nearest available restrooms
Give identification
Display information on proper hygiene and restroom etiquette

To make sure they are visible, you can often find these signs suspended from the ceiling, attached to bathroom doors, or mounted on the wall. 

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ADA Compliant Bathroom Signs

An important factor to consider for these signs is ADA compliance. There are certain design guidelines involved in making these signs. This ensures your New York business not only follows the rules but also makes your facility accessible to your customers.

Here are some elements that are required for you to include:

  • Raised characters and grade 2 braille
  • Mounting specifications
  • Non-glare finish
  • Universal pictograms and accessibility symbols

Due to ADA adherence, it is crucial to find an experienced sign maker to do the job right. They should be well versed with ADA guidelines to ensure your signs are compliant. The right ADA restroom signs also save you from possible penalties and customer liabilities.  

How to Use Custom Restroom Signs

These signs play a key role in creating a more comfortable space for your customers. Here are ways they can help your business:

  1. Wayfinding: Bathroom signage is most commonly used to let customers and employees know where to find the nearest restrooms. They are installed in highly visible spots for everyone’s convenience. These signs are also usually visible from a good distance.
  2. Restroom Labels: These signs are used to identify each room and serve as a guide for all users. They can be found on the door or the side of the restroom door. Here are some examples:
    1. Unisex restroom signs
    2. Men’s bathroom
    3. Women’s bathroom
    4. Family room
    5. Wheelchair accessible room signs
  3. Information Signs: Aside from wayfinding and identification, these signs are also used to display important information. This information is usually to maintain proper restroom etiquette.

    Printable restroom signs are usually posted on the walls or behind restroom doors. These signs help your business maintain health and sanitation standards. These include signs that remind users of:

    1. Toilet flushing etiquette
    2. Proper waste disposal
    3. Proper handwashing
    4. Employee handwashing 

Your Trusted Sign Partner in New York

Restroom signs benefit not only your customers but also your employees. Create a more comfortable business space by investing in quality sign solutions today!

Let Street Style Sign Studio deliver impressive sign options for your business needs. We help you create personalized bathroom signs that boost your brand while helping keep a more accessible space.

Talk to us today about your signage needs, and we’ll give you a free quote.