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Start spreading your message today! Grab the attention of your visitors with impactful information about your brand on a lobby sign. Not only do Lobby Signs make a great promotional tool, but they also add visual presence and power to any New York small business’s advertising campaign. Whether you’re looking to start a new business, create brand awareness, or promote a new product, our lobby logo signs will deliver optimal results.

We have various options available to suit any client’s needs. Our designs bring the two-dimensional image of any logo to life. Let our team breathe life into your company by capturing what makes it unique and creating an image that perfectly matches your colors and aesthetic.

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Types of Lobby Signs in New York

These signs are one of the first few things customers will see when they walk in. As such, it is crucial to create a sign that makes an excellent impression. Luckily, there are several options you can choose from to represent your New York business.

  1. Acrylic Lobby Signs: These are popular options for business use. They create a sleek and elegant look best for showing a professional image. Acrylic signs are versatile, with plenty of customization options.
  2. Dimensional Lobby Signs: These 3D signs are flexible and highly customizable, great for strengthening your New York brand. They are usually made using acrylic, metal, or wood. The level of depth these bring gives you a sign that is hard to miss.
  3. Metal Signs: Choosing metal material for your lobby signs in New York gives you a strong and modern look. These can be made with materials like copper, aluminum, brass, and more. They can also be made with different finishes, like polished or brushed.
  4. Backlit Custom Lobby Signs: Illuminated signs are a great choice when you want to make a memorable impression. These can easily draw the attention of customers and visitors. They are also energy-efficient, as we use LED lights to light up your signs.
  5. Vinyl Signs: When you want a more cost-effective yet dynamic office lobby sign, vinyl is an ideal option. You can create a wall mural or graphic of your business name and logo. These are printed vinyl adhesives that can be customized to display your brand. 

Available Customized Options For Custom Office Lobby Signs

  • Component Customization: If you want to create a design that does more than upgrade the letters and graphics on your sign, let us add more flair to your logo board as well. We offer numerous colors, shapes, and sizes that will give your office lobby signage a unique look all its own.
  • Atypical Display. If you want to elevate your lobby area, we can help. Our wall lettering installation and mural displays bring your brand to life with images that showcase who your company is. Looking to take your lobby to the next level? Use our illumination options to add a unique touch to your ambiance.
  • Material Options. Whether you want to use acrylic, foam, metal, PVC, glass, stone, or wood, we’ve got you covered. Our talented and professional team can incorporate multiple materials into the same sign for a seamless and cohesive look. There’s no time like the present to create a custom sign you’ll be proud of. If you’re ready to see how we can re-invent your lobby, contact us today, and we will create the best Lobby Logo Sign that brings your vision to life.

The Importance of the Right Reception and Lobby Signs

An impressive interior office lobby sign is a great way to begin a memorable customer experience. Right off the bat, customers have a good idea of who and what your business is based on your sign. This is an excellent way to boost your brand.

These also help share your story. Businesses display their company history and accolades. This gives customers more confidence about the credibility of your brand 

An Experienced Lobby Sign Company Near You

Boost your brand and remain top of mind in New York today. Invest in high-quality sign solutions with the help of Street Style Sign Studio!

We offer a wide range of design and material options that will showcase your brand in the best way. Talk to us today and get a free consultation about our lobby signs in New York.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lobby signs are a powerful branding tool that creates a lasting first impression. These signs make businesses look more professional. They also help convey their brand identity and establish their credibility. Lastly, lobby signs are effective for wayfinding, making it easier for people to find their way around your space.

Lobby signs are more than just the sign that people see when they enter your space. They can be used in different ways to benefit your business. These signs build brand awareness and recall. They can also be used to display the story of your business along with your various accolades. Take advantage of them whenever you can.

There are different types of lobby signs available in the market. The way these are made highly depends on the type of lobby sign you choose. For instance, dimensional lobby signs are made of laser-cutting materials like acrylic, metal, or wood. This creates 3D letters or graphics that spell out your business name.

Reception and lobby signs are often used interchangeably. However, reception signs are typically those that are placed directly at the reception desk. Lobby signs, however, include a wider range of signs that are used within the lobby area. Despite the slight differences, both make sure that you create a positive first impression.

The cost of lobby signs varies depending on different elements. This can include the type of sign, design, size, and material you choose. At Street Style Sign Studio, we offer different options that can satisfy your business and budget needs. Get to know more about your options by giving us a call today.

Because lobby signs are used indoors, they have a longer lifespan than outdoor signs. However, it can still depend on different factors. This includes the quality of materials you choose, exposure to sunlight, and regular maintenance. Acrylic signs, for instance, can last decades indoors while wall murals can give you 5-7 years.

Typically, the first thing that customers see when they enter your space is the signs in your lobby. A professionally made lobby sign helps create the right first impression on your customers. These signs also prevent confusion and make sure customers are in the right place when they come in. Finally, they add to your trustworthy reputation!

The ideal size of lobby signs varies. This mostly depends on where they’re being placed. A good rule of thumb is to start with a size that is half the width of the wall it’s being mounted on. From there, you can assess its visibility and legibility, along with checking for any obstructions. We can provide you with recommendations once you get on a consultation call with us.

Turnaround times for lobby signs vary depending on a few factors. This includes materials used, the complexity of the design, installation, and more. Some types of lobby signs, like wall graphics and acrylic signs, can take a few days. Channel letters, however, can take up to a few weeks to complete. We’ll be able to provide you with a timeframe once we know more about your project.

There are a variety of lobby sign options that businesses can choose from. However, not all signs can work for your business. The right choice depends largely on your unique needs and goals. Establish how you want your sign to work for you. Then, consult with a sign maker to determine the best option.