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Vinyl Lettering in NYC

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When we think about sign solutions, often the first thing that comes to mind are big, bright billboards and signs in New York City. It’s not unusual to think a sign must be bright and big to be effective.

However, even the smallest sign can make a significant impact on your business. It is all a matter of engaging your New York audience and getting their buy-in. One sign option that is simple yet effective is vinyl lettering.

What is Vinyl Lettering?

Vinyl lettering refers to vinyl that is laser-cut to create letters, numbers, or characters. Typically, they come from solid-colored vinyl sheets. However, depending on your design needs, we can also custom-print patterns and designs.

These come with an adhesive backing. They can be applied to a variety of surfaces, like glass windows, walls, floors, and more. However, one of the most popular applications for these signs is on vehicles. Vinyl lettering for cars is an easy and effective sign solution that can benefit your NYC business.

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Types of Vinyl Lettering

Street Style Sign Studio offers a wide range of vinyl lettering options for New York businesses. We can create signs that suit your various needs. You are free to choose the size, color, and design you want to elevate your business space. Decal lettering for cars is the most popular type of vinyl lettering we offer. This allows you to personalize your vehicle and even your entire fleet. It’s an ideal way to take advantage of the space your vehicle has and transform it into a valuable marketing tool in NYC. These can be applied to different types of vehicles, from trucks to vans and more. Truck vinyl lettering is perfect for taking your advertisements on the road and increasing your market reach. We also offer other options aside from car decal lettering. These include:
  • Vinyl wall lettering and graphics
  • Window lettering
  • Floor graphics and lettering
  • High-Performance Cast Vinyl – this offers plenty of durability, perfect for outdoor use. It can be used for vehicle lettering, on boats, storefronts, and more.
  • Intermediate Vinyl – this type is versatile but less durable. It’s great for more short-term use, such as temporary window lettering.
  • Metallic Vinyl Lettering – usually made out of a metalized polyester film that mimics the look of metal. This is ideal if you want a more attractive, sophisticated vinyl wall lettering.
  • Fluorescent Vinyl – this has a bright, luminous finish, great for outdoor use like road signs and the like.
Not sure what the best option is for your New York City business? Don’t worry! Our team works closely with our clients to ensure we find the best solutions that fit your specific needs. Contact us today and get a free consultation with our sign experts.

Uses of Vinyl Lettering

The versatility of vinyl lettering makes it a wise choice when you need to display information. These signs can be used in different ways to benefit your business.

They are very effective in advertising your products or services. Vinyl lettering for walls can be used to add product or service details. It’s a passive way to make information available for customers to see and read at their convenience.

Vinyl letter stickers also let you display important business information. This can include your business name, tagline, contact info, business hours, and more.

Lastly, when you want to put out temporary information like seasonal deals, these are a great choice. Removable vinyl letters for walls make it easy to regularly switch out your signs.

Benefits of Decals and Vinyl Lettering

  • Return on investment. We take pride in offering our clients a durable, high-quality product, and we provide a long-term solution to our clients. Our vehicle lettering can be removed and replaced with ease. We feel this offers our clients the best way to evolve or change their decals, creating new ways to attract audiences as your business grows.
  • Increases demographic. Take your logo and brand wherever you go. Regardless of your demographic, you’ll be able to reach more customers than TV, internet, or direct mail.
  • Moving billboard. Vehicle advertising offers your New York business the opportunity to have a billboard that can travel throughout your city. Just think about all the places you can advertise and share your brand. Before you know it, you’ll have more business than you’ll know what to do with. Let our team of vinyl lettering experts give your vehicle a makeover.

New York Car Decals

Are you an Uber or Lyft driver looking to increase your ridership? A small business owner in New York looking to attract more clients or customers? We can all benefit from creative and innovative advertising. Our custom-made decals and vinyl Lettering for vehicles is the best solution to promote your NYC business on the go. Let our in- house graphic design team offer their expert advice to help you determine how and where to place your information in the most strategic way to promote your business.

Rather than dedicating your vehicle to work-only purposes with a full vehicle wrap, decals are an excellent way to add a smaller logo or lettering to your everyday car and still promote your business. If you’re trying to promote multiple businesses or if your business is a side hustle, this is an excellent solution—especially if you’re just starting out, or if you’re looking to market more than one company.

Not sure what decals are right for your business? Contact our NYC team, and we can go over what options would best suit your business needs.

Cost of Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl is not only a versatile material. It is also one of the most budget-friendly options you can get for signage. As a result, you can get custom vinyl lettering for vehicles without breaking the bank.


There are also different types of vinyl available, varying in terms of thickness, quality, and cost. Our team diligently works to find the best solutions based on your specific needs.

Get to know what works best for your NYC business by giving us a call today.

Your Trusted Sign Partner in New York

Are you looking for quick and easy signage that lets you communicate with your customers? Let Street Style Sign Studio help you create vinyl lettering for your various business needs.

We offer high-quality, long-lasting sign solutions. We only use premium vinyl material to ensure you get durable, eye-catching signs for your business.

If you need wall lettering, decorative wall letters, and more, our team can deliver. Contact us today and we’ll give you a free quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Vinyl lettering is generally water-resistant, but not completely waterproof. It can withstand mild exposure to water, but prolonged immersion or heavy moisture may cause damage.

To print and cut vinyl letters, you’ll need a vinyl cutter machine and design software. Create your design, load the vinyl sheet into the cutter, and let the machine cut out the letters according to your design.

Yes, vinyl letters are usually removable. They are designed to adhere temporarily to surfaces without causing damage. However, the ease of removal may vary depending on the adhesive used and the surface material.

To remove vinyl lettering, start by heating it with a hairdryer to soften the adhesive. Then, use a plastic card or your fingernail to gently lift the edge of the lettering and peel it off. Clean any residue with adhesive remover or rubbing alcohol.

Using vinyl lettering is simple. Ensure the surface is clean and dry. Peel off the backing paper from the vinyl letters, align them on the desired area, and press them firmly. Smooth out any air bubbles with a squeegee or a credit card.

To make vinyl letter decals, design your letters on a computer and cut them out using a vinyl cutter. Once cut, remove the excess vinyl, apply transfer tape to the decal, and use it to transfer the letters onto your desired surface.

Custom vinyl lettering can be a great branding tool for your business. It allows you to create unique designs and display important information such as your company name, logo, or contact details on vehicles, storefronts, signage, and more.

There are different types of vinyl lettering available, including adhesive vinyl letters, heat transfer vinyl letters for fabrics, and etched glass vinyl letters for a frosted glass effect. Each type has specific applications and characteristics to suit various needs.

To remove vinyl lettering from plastic, use a hairdryer to heat the letters and gently peel them off. If any adhesive residue remains, use a mild solvent like rubbing alcohol or adhesive remover to clean the surface.

When removing vinyl letters from acrylic, start by heating the letters with a hairdryer. Then, use a plastic card or your fingernail to lift the edge and slowly peel them off. Be cautious to avoid scratching or damaging the acrylic surface.