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As you may have heard, NYC is on a completely different level. You won’t find another place on earth where the competition for the consumer’s eye is as high. For this reason, you have to have a rock-solid marketing strategy that puts you out front. This is how you boost brand awareness and create profit opportunities.

However, successful marketing goes beyond just brand awareness. It’s being able to increase visibility, generate leads, and gain interest for your business. All these can be achieved with vinyl car wraps.

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High-Quality Custom Car Signage & Wraps

Car wraps are printed vinyl adhesives that are applied to your car’s surface. The vinyl is printed digitally, giving you endless design possibilities. This easily alters the look and feel of your vehicle.

Because cars are mobile, car signs transform your vehicle into a moving marketing tool. When you showcase your brand using your car, it lets you bring your brand anywhere you go. Each time you go out becomes an opportunity to get your brand in front of your target customers.

If you need a car wrapping shop in NYC, Street Style Sign Studio is your top choice. We produce high-quality vehicle wraps for either your personal or business needs. Want to know vinyl options, color schemes, and the cost of wrapping a car in NYC? Contact us today for a FREE consultation!

Types Of Signage For Cars

Whatever industry you are in, there is a car wrap option perfect for your business. Here at Street Style Sign Studio, we offer a variety of auto wraps to match your needs. 

  1. Full Wrap – covering the entire surface of your vehicle with vinyl wraps 
  1. Partial Wrap – only covering a part of the vehicle surface, like the sides of the car 
  1. Car Graphics – smaller vinyl decals applied to the car’s surface, often used to add your business logo and other details 
  1. Magnetic Car Signs – where the vinyl has a magnetic backing instead of an adhesive. This is ideally used when adding a company logo to the vehicle. It lets you remove the magnet when the vehicle is not in use for business. 

Vinyl car wrap experts in New York can guide you through the best wrap strategy for your business. However, whichever type you choose, it is sure to make a difference in your brand visibility in New York.

Why Choose Custom Car Wraps?

Vehicles are an ideal sign solution, especially for businesses with multiple vehicles. This is large because you get so much value for the cost. Let’s look at some benefits to investing in car decals and wraps: 

  1. Studies show that a single-vehicle graphic can generate up to 70,000 impressions per day, depending on location. This means that in a day, there can be thousands that can see your brand and be interested in your business. 
  1. Car wraps have a cost per thousand impressions of less than a dollar. Newspaper ads, for example, can cost nearly $20 per thousand impressions. This alone shows how worthwhile advertising car wraps are for your business.

Looking For Car Wrapping Near You?

In any competitive environment, it is crucial to find ways to get ahead. With car window decals and signs, you are sure to create a memorable impression in New York.

Make sure that your wraps are done right by trusting an experienced sign maker. Street Style Studio is an experienced car wrapping shop in New York. We produce car wraps using premium vinyl materials and advanced technology.

Give us a call today to learn more, and we’ll give you a free quote.