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Every detail counts when it comes to the hospitality industry in NYC. The moment guests walk into your establishment, each step they take contributes to their perception and overall experience. As such, creating the right environment is important to enhancing their experience. This is where signage comes in.

Signs for hotels are more than just informative markers. They are silent ambassadors, providing guests with essential information at every turn. These signs can give instructions, directional cues, and more while blending seamlessly into your hotel environment.

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Outlining Key Types of Indoor Hotel Signs

Hotel Front Desk Signs

Front desk or lobby signs welcome guests into the hotel. They are the guest’s initial point of contact, which is why they often display important information and provide initial assistance. As one of the first signs guests see, these hotel lobby signs must be well-made and professional-looking.

Hotel Door Signs

These signs provide guests with important information, like room numbers and occupancy status. They are elegantly crafted, adding a touch of sophistication to each room.

Hotel Elevator Signs

These signs ensure smooth navigation within the hotel, guiding guests to the right floor. Whether you are indicating where elevators can be found or providing further instructions once they are safely inside an elevator, these signs will ensure a guest’s experience is seamless.

Hotel Bathroom Signs

These essential signs indicate the location of the hotel’s restrooms, making it easier for guests to find them. They can be customized to align with the theme or brand of the hotel.

Hotel Wayfinding Signs

Wandering through a hotel can be daunting, especially for the first time. Wayfinding signs help guests easily find their way around. These signs are placed strategically throughout the property, providing clear directional cues.

Hotel DND Signs

Privacy is crucial for any hotel property. As such, “Do Not Disturb” signs are available to use. These offer a discreet way for guests to let the staff know their preferences for service. They are usually hung from door handles, indicating that guests should not be interrupted.

Hotel Event Signage

Hotels are a common venue for various events in New York, from weddings to conferences. Event signs can range in purpose, from wayfinding to decorative.

Uses of Hospitality Signage

From enhancing the guest experience to improving daily operations, the signs in NYC hotels serve a myriad of purposes, including:

  • Branding: Signs reinforce brand identity, creating a cohesive environment. From hotel entrance signs to door signs, you can seamlessly add brand touchpoints throughout your building.
  • Safety: These signs ensure that guests and staff are safe and comfortable. They may include exit signs, ADA hotel signs, and door signs that indicate “Employee Only” areas.
  • Promotions: Signs are used for hotels to display special offers and promote their amenities and services. In recent years, hospitality digital signage has emerged as a valuable tool for many hotels in New York.
  • Accessibility: From hotel room directional signs to bathroom signs, these signs provide the chance to promote your business’s commitment to accessibility.
Your Trusted Sign Company in New York

At Street Style Sign Studio, we understand how the right sign can affect how people perceive your business. It’s no different in the hospitality industry. Elevate your hotel’s image with high-quality signs today. From hotel room signs to room service signs and more, our sign selection will ensure your hotel makes a lasting impression on all guests.

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