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Interior Wall Graphics Help Shape the Customer Experience

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Custom Wall Murals by Street Style Studio for Interior Lounge Area of Office in NYC

Think of the surfaces inside your business as canvases where you can place graphics to enhance the customer experience. These interior graphics are a great way to continue telling your brand story while leaving your customers with a memorable experience.

These graphics can use text to deliver a specific message or feeling while using color to convey emotion. Used as wall graphics, the creative possibilities are nearly limitless. These images, when created with intent, can shape the customer experience in unique ways. Large wall graphics are also a great way to stand out from your competition, especially if they have drab, plain walls.

Visual elements are memorable, which makes wall graphics a good way to imprint your brand on customers, so that you stay on top of their minds.

Types of Interior Graphics

There are several types of interior graphics that can be used to shape the customer experience. You could hang signs from the ceiling, install backlit posters on the walls, or place vinyl cutout graphics on walls. When it comes to what’s actually on the graphic or sign, there are a few options.


These types of graphics inform your customer. It could be about a product or section of the shop, or it could be a graphic design that tells the story of your brand in some way. This could be done through images, text, or a combination of the two.


Graphics that inspire don’t have to be motivational words. In a travel-focused business, it could be images of beautiful destinations. Health and fitness businesses are a great place for motivational images, such as images of people engaging in the activities the business is focused around.


Navigation graphics don’t have to be plain arrows. Giving people directions is a great opportunity to show the personality of your brand in a low-key way, while also being a useful graphic.

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