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Types of Wayfinding Signs Every Business Should Have

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Interior Wayfinding And Directory Signage in NYC

We cannot hide the fact that today’s marketplace is saturated with similar products and services. This can make it difficult for any business to stand out. However, one of the best ways to make a difference is through customer experience.

Creating a memorable experience can leave a lasting impression on your customers. This starts with a space where they feel safe and comfortable. One thing that factors into that is wayfinding signs.

These signs make it possible for people to confidently find their way around your space. They provide valuable directions that prevent people from having to run around in circles. Elevate your customer’s experience with your business with these custom wayfinding signs.

Directional Interior Wayfinding Signage
These signs perform the basic function of providing directions. They display clear and concise instructions that guide customers toward specific locations. Directional signs use arrows, symbols, and written directions. These point people toward entrances, restrooms, customer service desks, and more.

Informational Wayfinding and Directory Signage
These signs make sure customers have all the essential information they need. Often, you can see informational signs that display maps, directories, and the like. They highlight key areas or points of interest within your establishment. Having essential information readily available is a terrific way to enhance the customer’s experience.

Identification Signs
Wayfinding identification signs indicate specific rooms, offices, or facilities. They are usually used to display room names, numbers, and even specific designations. This makes it easier for people to find who or what they’re looking for.

These types of custom wayfinding signs are necessary, especially for larger buildings or spaces. Clear and visible identification signs let you avoid customers getting confused or frustrated.

ADA-Compliant Interior Wayfinding Signage
Building an accessible business space is crucial for a positive customer experience. ADA-compliant wayfinding signs ensure that the visually impaired can navigate your space freely.

These signs need to follow strict design guidelines for compliance. For instance, they need raised letters, contrasting colors, and braille. The presence of these signs allows all customers to navigate your space freely.

Outdoor Wayfinding Signs
It is common knowledge that wayfinding signs are used indoors. However, wayfinding and directory signage are equally important outdoors. They make it possible for customers to easily locate your business.

Customers who cannot find a store or office tend to just transfer to another location. This is a wasted opportunity to generate leads and make a sale. For this reason, wayfinding signs are necessary when you want to drive more traffic to your business.

Your Trusted Wayfinding Signage Company
Let your business stand out by giving customers the best experience. Make your business easy and safe to navigate with high-quality wayfinding signs today.

Street Style Sign Studio is a full-service wayfinding signage company. We design, produce, and install a wide selection of sign options for your business. We create wayfinding signs made with acrylic, metal, wood, vinyl, and more.

Give us a call today to know more about interior wayfinding signage and get a free quote.

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