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The Impact and Importance of Point of Purchase (POP) Displays

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Recent studies indicate that most shoppers are making their purchasing decisions in-store. Hence, it is important for consumer brands to make use of point-of-purchase (POP) displays and signage to cut through competition and improve sales.

POP display is simply a marketing strategy that involves placing an advertisement or any marketing material next to the retail store or near merchandise it is meant to promote. It will highlight the product on sale while drawing the customers’ attention to it at the same time. Most segments of the retail industry such as department stores, specialty stores, discount stores and general retailers recognize the impact and importance of this simple but excellent marketing tool.

Customizing Your POP Displays

Point of purchase displays are available in various designs, styles and sizes and can be customized depending on the customer behavior or the retailer’s business. Factors that may affect the customization of point of purchase displays include:

  • The manufacturer/retailer’s marketing strategy
  • The targeted customer’s demography
  • Features or offers that need to be highlighted
  • Availability of space in the store
  • Availability of funds for this purpose

Besides this, it’s important to choose an experienced manufacturer who is able to customize a design with these factors in mind.

Benefits of POP Displays

Pop-up displays are highly effective promotional tools whose main aim is to attract the attention of casual onlookers and convince them to buy the displayed merchandise. POP displays are not the ordinary display racks but marketing tools that are meant to provide useful information which will encourage potential customers to make a purchase.

Some of the benefits of POP displays include:

  • Allow a particular product to stand out from the rest in the store.
  • Attract potential customers while satisfying their doubts and queries.
  • Provide useful information related to product benefits and available offers.
  • Encourage people to buy resulting in increased sales of a product.
  • Create a unique image in the customer’s mind.
  • Promote brand recognition to a wider audience.
  • Affordable.

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POP displays can be designed as digital boards, shopping trolleys, coupon dispensers or stand-alone units, depending on the retailer’s marketing strategy. The value of point of purchase displays cannot be underestimated as they go a long way in boosting the sales of a product and improving the store’s image.

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