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Sign Design: Use Design Elements Effectively

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The most captivating signs employ design elements optimally. Design elements or components are virtually endless. We are talking about shapes, lines, space, color, fonts, texture, size, scale, and more.

When it comes to business signage, the most important factors are:

  • information or text
  • images
  • color
  • background or white space

All these constituents must be sewn in together to create that killer sign that is magnetic. This is how you can use them effectively.

White Space or the Background Color

The clear space in which there are no images or text in your sign is the white space. In general, this can also be referred to as the background color because not all signs have white backgrounds. This space plays a pivotal role to declutter your sign. It allows the eye to focus on the message. According to expert studies, 30% to 40% of your signage should be white space or clear.


How colors combine in your sign can make or break your campaign. The first thing is legibility. There are colors that cannot marry. Dark text colors like black and dark blue go well with yellow and white backgrounds. If you choose to go with a dark background, text color can be white or yellow. All in all, make sure that visibility is effective, no matter the colors you choose.

Images and Graphics

Signs often have limited room where elaborate images are concerned. Therefore, adding something relevant and concise will be the ultimate challenge. Experts say that having your logo image is the best solution to creating simplicity and brand awareness.

Information and Fonts

In about three to five words you can communicate your message effectively. Therefore, you have to get to the point quickly. Allow people to grasp your offerings immediately after looking at your sign. This will go hand in hand with the fonts you choose. Instead of having exotic calligraphy, go with something clear and visible. You can never go wrong with simplicity where information and fonts are concerned.

Consult a Professional

A business sign can only receive justice when the design elements are professional. Having great ideas on sign designs is awesome. However, you have to make sure that there is a simple interpretation of those ideas to produce something impressive and effective. Therefore, there is every need to consult a professional in this field. Tap into the industry standards to make sure that you stay competitive.

Street Style Sign Studio is a great place to start. Let these sign experts create custom signs that you can rely on. Call us today and let us help you get captivating signs that actually work for your business.

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