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Vehicle Wraps for Advertising Addiction Services in NYC

Best Strategies for Your Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are excellent options for mobile marketing efforts. Promote your business while driving around your community. Better yet, park in an area where you can find your target audience so you can influence them to seek your services.

But when planning your vehicle wraps, you’ll want to be strategic for your graphic design and placement. You need to consider how people will see your messaging when you drive through your community and promote your business on the road.

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Customize your vehicle wraps to promote your business.

Your Wrap Graphic Placement

Unlike a flat sign billboard, a car or vehicle requires you to think more about your graphic dimensions and how your sign will appear when wrapped. The placement of your vehicle wraps and their graphics are important. Always design for the exact car make and model. Consider the elements you want to be included in your vehicle wrap and find the best placement. What do you want people to see on your sides, or the back or front of the vehicle? The composition can make the whole vehicle wrap come to life. Poor composition will make your marketing materials and information hard to read.

Composing Your Vehicle Wraps

When planning your vehicle wraps, you’ll need to consider the placement of your marketing decals and graphics. A custom vinyl decal can make your vehicle a branding machine and make your business seem more legitimate and professional. Play with the placement of contact information, logos, slogans, and more to catch people’s attention and draw them to your business. Centering a decal on the door may seem obvious, but will it be impactful? Look at the whole vehicle and see if playing with placement would add an extra dynamic effect.

Street Style Sign Studio

Want to spread your branding with mobile marketing and vehicle wraps? Street Style Sign Studio will help you plan your wraps and play with your composition to make an impact on your target market. Draw more clients with your visually appealing wraps that are legible and eye-catching.

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