How to Maximize the Effect of Vehicle Decals and Vehicle Vinyl Lettering

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The simple approach is often the most effective approach. When it comes to vehicle wraps, this is especially true. Vehicle decals or vehicle vinyl lettering can have the same impact as more elaborate vehicle wraps. In fact, this pared-down approach can be more effective than busier, more detailed whole-vehicle wraps. The reason? Less complex designs are easier for your customers – and potential customers – to read, recognize and recall. 

Less complex designs are easier for your customers – and potential customers – to read, recognize and recall.

Vehicle Decal Design

To create effective vehicle vinyl lettering and decals that get noticed means keeping in mind the principles of good designs. Often, making an effective yet simple vehicle decal design is difficult, as it needs to be near-perfect since there are fewer elements to it. Precision is of utmost importance, both in creating the design and in placing it on the vehicle. Mistakes in design or placement will be easily spotted in simpler designers. 

Principles of Design

The five basic principles of graphic design are alignment, repetition, contrast, hierarchy, and balance. Knowing how each of these principles is used can help to create pleasing designs. When designing vehicle vinyl lettering or graphics, contrast is especially important, as this will make the design easier to see and read. Black vinyl on a white vehicle, or white on a black vehicle, is an example of high contrast. This will be immediately noticeable and easily read, especially when compared to, say, light blue letters on a dark blue vehicle. 

Hierarchy is also important. The most important elements, such as your company name, should be the largest and most prominent. Other elements should be smaller, relative to their importance. This visual cue tells people what they should pay attention to first. 

Working with a graphic designer will ensure your design is effective. To get the design on your vehicle, find an experienced vehicle graphic installer. Street Style Signs has a full team of design pros, including graphic designers and graphic installers. Get a quote today. 

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