How Should Small Business Owners Approach Signage In 2022?

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What are your resolutions in 2022 as a small business owner? Of course, the most dominant revolve around increased brand awareness, traffic, revenues, etc. But how will such resolutions see the light of day? Have you thought about how signage can help fulfill such resolutions? How do you intend to approach signage in 2022?

Signage is what drives customers to your small business. It acts as one of your marketing aids. As a small business owner, you have to think of ways to creatively utilize signage in 2022 if you’re to fulfill your resolutions. You have to ensure quality signage both inside and outside your small business.

Below are ways on how small business owners should approach signage in 2022.

1. Signage Should Be Equal to Brand Promise

In 2022, signage should be nothing short of your brand promise. Signage in your small business must reflect high business standards. It also should emphasize product differentiation (distinguish your brand from those of other small business owners). So how can signage offer brand promise? Let signage convey a direct, simple, clutter-free and persuasive brand message to your target customers.

2. Pay Attention to Storefront Signage

Storefront signage acts as your salesperson on a 24/7 basis. It advertises your small business to passersby. Incorporate large fonts and appealing colors to your storefront signage to tailor your brand to prospective customers.

3. Invest In Information Signage

You can improve the experience of your customers through informational signage. Help customers understand all the different sections — customer service desk, the cash register — by using directional or departmental signage.

4. Improve On Outdoor Signage

Have you thought of how outdoor signage can impact your small business in 2022? By using outdoor signage — window signs, awnings — you prepare prospective clients of what to expect inside your business. Outdoor signage compels prospective clients to walk into your small business which otherwise would be difficult.

If you’re creative enough, you can create an outdoor sign that communicates your brand message in a humorous way. Humor creates positive feelings and emotions in people. Eventually, they feel persuaded to walk into your business.

5. Use Multiple Methods of Advertising to Complement Signage

It is hard to ignore the amazing power of digital signage. However, digital signage can support small business owners better if used in conjunction with multiple marketing channels and methods. For instance, using QR codes and flyers in collaboration with digital signage can support deeper connections with customers.

Work with the Professionals

In essence, small business owners should approach signage in 2022 in an innovative and creative way. It largely borders on thinking outside the box.

The simple thing to do is to contact us at Street Style Sign Studio. We have a wealth of knowledge on how small business owners can use signage in diverse ways to make their business flourish.

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