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Extend the Effect of a Logo Sign with Custom Wall Graphics

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The Hope Program Wall Graphics for Office Space in NYC

Where you place your logo sign can have an impact on the customer experience. When placing signage, be sure to consider the entire space. Most importantly, it must be highly visible. For maximum impact, place your logo sign front and center in the lobby, reception area, or waiting room.

Prominent placement of your logo lets your customers know, without a doubt, that they are in the right place. When placed in a highly visible area, where it will get maximum exposure, the logo sign becomes a way to make people familiar with your brand. Through something called the mere exposure effect, this will make people like your brand more than they already do.

Wall Graphics Benefits

For added emphasis, accentuate the sign with a complementary NYC wall decal.

Office wall graphics can expand the effect of a logo sign. By using your available wall space, you can turn a simple logo into a visual statement that will get attention and make people talk about your business.

This can be done using the colors of your logo to create an artistic and abstract visual statement, or you could be more literal, and incorporate images that tie your logo into a visual retelling of your brand story.

Need some ideas? You can use custom lettering to illustrate your core values or mission statement. Through graphic design, you can add visual interest to your message while directly telling customers what your brand is all about.

Depending on the type of business, you can blend your logo sign with office wall graphics of a motivational nature. This way, you leave your customers with a feel-good message, along with a memorable experience of visiting your business.

The graphic doesn’t have to relay a message. It could be purely visual. A large image of a scenic local spot, for instance, will have a great impact when spread across an entire wall.

To find out how to make your walls talk, contact Street Style Signs today.

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