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Vinyl Food Truck Wraps for Ebbett's

You’ve spent plenty of time and effort perfecting the recipes and methods to serve the best eats from your food truck. But have you spent time thinking about how you will attract people to your business? A food truck wrap with graphic elements is the perfect solution. 

Consider Your Customer

How do you create the perfect food truck wrap? By considering what it is that you want to tell your customers. The name and logo of your food truck and business are important and require as much consideration as the food you will be serving. 

Other things to consider are your culinary style and menu. These items can be represented by graphic elements to tell your customers what to expect when they order. 

Like your menu items, the graphic treatment of your food truck should be attractive and give off a general feeling of being appetizing. 

full trailer wrap New York company
Create a tasty vehicle wrap to attract customers

Creative Food Truck Wraps

There are a few options when choosing what to put on mobile restaurants, such as Decals and Vinyl Lettering. These can be used together to create a sign that entices customers with visual elements. The lettering can be used to tell people exactly what type of food they can expect. 

It is important to consider how the truck will look when it is moving or not in use, and equally important to consider what it will look like when in use. For instance, be sure that important information is not obscured when the food service window covering, or counter flap, is open. 

A great design is easy to read quickly and transmits the essential information in a clear manner. If people are unsure what type of food is served or what the name of the business is, then that is a good indication that your design could still use some work. 

To get started on your vehicle wrap, get a quote today. 

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