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What Is a 3D Signage?

3D signs raise your graphics or letters, creating a dimensional element. This level of depth makes your signs more attractive and harder to ignore.

These signs can be made from a variety of materials. Popular options include acrylic, metal, and wood. They can be cut and colored to create the design that your business needs.

Whether you need logo signs or 3D lettering, Street Style Sign Studio can help! We create high-quality 3D signs for both indoor and outdoor use. Find out your material and design options, and the cost of dimensional sign letters by giving us a call today.

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How Dimensional Lettering Can Benefit Your Business

Successful businesses know how to make a positive first impression. It is how you get your customer’s buy-in right from the get-go. A great first impression can impact the relationship you establish with customers in New York.

Having the right signs is crucial in making that first move. If you are looking for a tried and tested sign option, dimensional signs are the best choice.

Types of 3D Signs

Here at Street Style Sign Studios, we offer a wide range of custom 3D signs made with high-quality materials. Here are popular options for your New York business:

  1. 3D Acrylic Signs – acrylic panels laser-cut to create different designs. These are most commonly used for dimensional letters and characters.
  2. Dimensional HDU Letter Signs – high-density urethane mimics the look of wood. These are durable but lightweight, great for outdoor use.
  3. 3 Dimensional Metal Letters – made with various metal materials like aluminum, stainless steel, and more. These create chic and modern dimensional sign letters for various uses.
  4. 3D Wood Signs – made with wood treated for use both indoors and outdoors. These are great if you want a rustic, natural look to your 3D logo letters.

Uses for 3D Letter Signs

3-dimensional letters and signs are a sign solution perfect for different purposes. Getting these signs is sure to give you both functional and attractive signage for your New York business. Here are a few of their most common uses:

Lobby Signs

3D wall logos are one of the best ways to impress customers the moment they walk in. These show the credibility and professionalism of your business.

Door Signs

3D lettering makes for efficient door signs. They look attractive and make your business look more organized. These are also useful when creating ADA-compliant signage.

Local Sign Company in New York City

At Street Style Sign Studio, we are committed to creating a custom 3-dimensional letters that helps your business make a memorable impression. We offer premium materials to create signs durable, attractive signs that last.

Work with our sign experts to come up with the best materials and designs that showcase your New York business! Contact us today for a free consultation and get a complimentary quote.