Useful Signs for Small Businesses

Small businesses can have a difficult time with their signage. For a small business, finding a solution that gives them the most bang for their buck is important. They need to find signs that are affordable but able to reach a large part of their market easily. At Street Style Sign Studio, we know it can be difficult to find the right signs for your small business, so here are a few of our suggestions about what may work best:

Yard Signs

Yard signs are a great option for any business, but especially new businesses or small businesses, in general. Yard signs are an incredibly affordable option, which means you can buy these signs in bulk without busting your budget. We can design and fabricate yard signs with your business name and contact information. If you buy enough of these signs, you can use them throughout your entire market or beyond, getting the same exposure you would get from a TV or radio ad. You can even ask clients if they’ll place these signs in their yards, which turns them into endorsements for your business.

Vehicle Wraps and Graphics

Another great option for small businesses is a vehicle wrap or graphics. Vehicle graphics give also give you exposure all over your market. Everywhere you travel in the course of your day, you get exposure with vehicle graphics. Vehicle graphics turn your car, truck or van into a mobile billboard that goes wherever your work takes you. And these aren’t only for companies that use vehicle in their work. You can use vehicle graphics on your personal vehicle and get noticed on your way to the office, at the grocery store or even when your vehicle is parked in your driveway.

Window Graphics

Window graphics also work very well for small businesses. These signs are a useful tool for any business with storefront windows, but especially for small businesses that need to make the most out of their signage. Window graphics use space you already own or rent and transform it into advertising for your business. There’s no extra hardware needed, so no money spent on expensive mounting hardware or costly installation.

Your Signs

If you’re interested in any of these options, contact our team today!

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