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Top 3 Tech-Savvy Tips for Better Small Business Signage

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Small business owners can effectively use technology to create signs that have an impact. For most small businesses, in-store signs and graphics could determine if they make a sale or not. Signs and graphics have the potential to influence customers at the point of making their buying decision. This is also one of the most efficient and economical ways of targeting a large number of potential customers.

Business signage is no longer an “old school” kind of advertising but a critical component of every successful business. Although most of modern marketing is virtual, physical signage has not been rendered ineffective. In fact, marketing experts recommend a combination of both for best results.

Here are some tech-savvy tips for better small business signage.

  1. Use of Digital Signage Technology

Digital signage has replaced a lot of traditional marketing content allowing small business owners to display interchangeable adverts. Digital signage is affordable and is an extremely wise investment for any small business.

Technology is rapidly evolving such that digital signs are not just visual tools with advertising messages but are becoming more responsive and engaging thanks to more sophisticated technology. Digital screens not only grab the attention of potential customers but are also designed to be more engaging and interactive.

When purchasing digital signage for your small business, it’s important to consider the following factors:

  • The cost of installation
  • Signage positioning
  • A screen orientation that suits your content
  • Protection from theft or vandalism

  1. Signage Design and Illumination

LED is a gorgeous form of signage illumination that is less expensive and energy efficient alternative to run. LED technology has evolved and is a more distinctive and flexible form of signage illumination.

Most small businesses are opting for more clean and simplistic designs in terms of their business signage. Halo illumination is also a popular signage design style that gives your small business signage a very sophisticated and attractive look.

  1. Printing

The digital online revolution has had a great impact on the print industry allowing many small businesses to take advantage of printing technologies for their outdoor signage. Business owners can make use of UV resistant ink for banners and vehicle wraps. The quality of print for outdoor signage has greatly improved thus marketing material can now be applied on a variety of surfaces where they could not have been used in the past.

The use of technology in business signage is becoming more common and affordable for small businesses.

If your are looking to incorporate technology into your small business signage strategies, contact Street Style Signs and let us help you grow your business to the next level. We have all the right tools to bring your business signage ideas to life.

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