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To attract new customers, you don’t need just signage, but quality signage. Quality signs are a fundamental component of any business when it comes to advertising. Therefore, giving it maximum attention won’t hurt your marketing in any way.

Signage doesn’t need any monthly or weekly renewal charges, unlike various forms of marketing. What this means is that your sign can keep on drawing more attention from your customers and maintain steady traffic into your store. Therefore, all you need is to set up your retail store sign in high traffic region with excellent visibility. Most importantly, you will only incur the initial costs and installation fee.

Here, we’ve offered you some tips for your store design and installation success. Let’s dig in!

1. Keep It Simple

Your information should be clear and concise to create a maximum impression. Therefore, you should apply the 5 seconds rule when crafting a copy of your sign. Whenever you notice that your sign can’t be read within 5 seconds, you have to shorten it. This aspect applies to your design as well.

2. Make It Catchy

Once you’ve established the type of placement of your sign, pay attention to putting across your message in a professional way. Otherwise, your prospective clients will ignore the critical information you communicate to them.

There are basic rules you must follow to achieve a catchy graphic design, and they include: being consistent with fonts, color, price, and size. It allows potential customers to scan the sign with their eyes quickly.

3. Employ Digital Technology

Over the years, technology has evolved and has contributed to transforming the retail environment significantly. Today, most successful business owners turn to digital solutions to develop a unique retail design. Even though some of them come at a cost, they grab the attention of customers quickly, and therefore worth the price. So, should you consider making use of the digital technology, you would have given your best shot.

4. Pay Attention to Your Location

Make sure your sign is in the perfect location for your prospects to easily see, interpret and then visit your store. Exterior signage, for instance, should be placed where there is a large number of people either moving on foot or in vehicles.

Call the Pros!

Sign placement may seem like an easy task, but when you don’t see results, you begin to realize that it’s not as easy as imagined. However, besides the above tips, you also need the help of a professional, someone you can trust with your sign design and installation process.

Call Street Style Signs! We have a reputation for creating top-notch sign design, and we offer excellent installation services that will guarantee success to your marketing strategies.

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