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Should I Reface My Signage Or Completely Replace It?

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Business signs play a significant role in attracting the attention of potential customers. Many businesses rely on them to attract customers to their premises, convince them to make purchases and also return to purchase other goods or services whenever the need arises. What action should you take when the signage starts losing its original appeal? Should you reface it or replace it? The information contained in this article will help you make the right decision.

1. Physical Condition

It’s important to take into account the sign’s physical condition before deciding whether to reface or replace it. Most business signs are placed outside buildings, thus exposing them to intense sunshine, strong winds and other vagaries of weather. Some people with malicious intents may also decide to vandalize your business’ signs. If the signs are still in fairly good condition, then you’ll only need to reface them. However, if the damage caused by elements of weather and vandals is extensive, then you’ll have no option other than to replace them.

2. Financial Implications

Before making the final decision, you ought to consider the financial implications. Refacing signage will only cost a few dollars because little work will need to be done. On the other hand, a complete replacement will obviously have significant financial implications because of various reasons.

Consider what your business can comfortably afford the two options. If you have plenty of money, just replace the signage. However, if financial resources are scarce, or if there are more pressing needs that need to be taken care of at the same time, then why don’t you just reface the signs?

3. Availability of Insurance

You’ve probably been paying insurance premiums to cover the signage. Will the insurer agree to provide compensation for costs of reface or replacement? If the insurance company can only pay for the first option and not the second, then you should only reface the interior signs nyc.

4. Years of Existence

How many years have passed since the signage first got fixed? If the signs were only fixed a few months ago, then there’s no point of completely replacing them since that would be wastage of funds. On the other hand, if the business signs were fixed several years ago, and are in a state of disrepair, then you should seriously consider replacing them. This is the digital age, and changes occur in the world of marketing nearly every other day. Your business shouldn’t be left behind.

5. Availability of Skilled Labor

Supposing your business is located in Kenya, and you chose to import signage from China or the United States of America; what will you do if substantial improvements need to be made to the signage? The best solution will be to completely replace them rather than reface the business signs. This is because of the difficulty you’ll have in obtaining skilled laborers, materials, and equipment that will be required to reface the signs from the locality. If materials, equipment, and labor needed to reface signage aren’t readily available, then you should consider replacing your business signs.

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