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Make an Impact with Custom Yard & Lawn Signs

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Custom Yard & Lawn Signs

Inspired by political campaign yard signs, many business owners try to use them as a marketing tool. It is a great idea, but it often fails to bring them rich dividends. Usually, however, there is nothing wrong with the concept. The problem lies in its application: business owners don’t use it the right way.

To be fair, it is not much of their fault too. A lot goes into the making of a good yard sign: designs, colors, fonts, location, material, and the list goes on. Since there is so much to consider, we have decided to write an article listing some of these critical points.

To anyone thinking about creating a yard sign, these may turn out to be very beneficial.

  1. Quality Design

First of all, it is vital to creating the right sign design. One must use colors which are in sync with the essence of his brand. For example, an eatery can use red colors while an organic food store can go for green ones. Besides this, it is essential to choose the correct color combination. The colors must create a contrast good enough to be visible from far away.

Also, one must focus on the font size and the core message of the indoor sign. Font size must be on the higher side. However, people won’t get a lot of time to read the core message. Hence, it must be short and straightforward.

  1. The Right Location

One reason why yard and lawn signs are different from other marketing tools is that they can be installed anywhere. The business owner just has to follow local rules and regulations. If placed strategically, they can give huge dividends.

Brand owners must place them in localities with high demand. In these localities, one can expect conversion rates to be much higher. Apart from this, it is always a bonus if people can get an unobstructed view of the sign from busy crossings. 

  1. Appropriate Material

Choice of the right material is almost as important as any other factor. Strong, sturdy bases give a great first impression. They also can also bear environmental vagaries like strong winds and rain. Therefore, they are a win-win for the brand owner.

Besides this, the signboard must be large enough in itself. That way people will notice it all the more, and it will be able to accommodate a larger font size. 

If used the right way, yard signs can be a great marketing tool. They also last much longer than other promotional tools.

In case you are interested in getting one of these for your business, you must consult us at Street Style Signs. Just one phone call and we will be at your service. 

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