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How to Help Visitors Find What They Want By Using Wayfinding Signage

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Wayfinding Directory Signs for Office Area

Wayfinding is the art of creating a system that helps people move through an area or to easily find their way. People may find it hard to locate a certain business or company and becomes essential to direct them to the right place. Wayfinding signs, signals or other visual posts to give direction. Wayfinding signage is the most effective in helping visitors find what they need and they come in different categories. They include:

Identification Signs

These signs help visitors by identifying exactly where they are. They provide explicit information regarding individual locations like classrooms, departments, classrooms, stairs, offices, elevators, and even restrooms. Identification signs contain writings like “you are here”, or writings and prints on doors to exactly know which one is it, for example, Office, C.E.O, Kitchen, Finance Office, and many more.

Informational Signs

Informational signs help visitors in locating their destination and assist them to get more acquainted with the surrounding environment or building. These signs are vital in providing route guidance and tell the visitor which route to follow, which gate to enter, which door number, conference room, and others. For example “Finance Office: Room 101” “Parking at the basement” and other signs that help the visitor to find what he wants.

Directional Signs

Directional signs help visitors to navigate their way to their destination and easily identify what they are looking for. They are the most widely used wayfinding signs and are placed on highways, junctions, or anywhere that might complicate the visitor in finding direction. An arrow is used to point to a direction or route that the visitor should take to reach the destination. They can be placed in multiple locations throughout the facility for ease of finding direction.

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