Get the Facts on Vehicle Wraps for Fleets

You’ve probably seen them while driving on the road. A car, truck or van with designs and lettering on it. They may be brightly colored, or they may be a simple gray or black, depending on the company. What are these vehicles covered in? Custom vehicle wraps!

These graphics look great, but what’s even better is that you can design wraps for your whole fleet of vehicles. This means that you’ll have a uniform and polished look for all of your company’s trucks or vans. This is an excellent way to get your brand out there.

Here are a few frequently asked questions (and some answers!) about vehicle wraps.

What Type of Wrap Should I Get?

There are two main types of wraps for your car, truck or van. You can have a partial wrap or a full wrap. While partial wraps are less expensive, they only cover from 25% to 75% of your vehicle, which may not be as striking to look at. A full wrap can look amazing, but also costs more money and takes more time to install.

A partial vehicle wrap could be great for a smaller set of vehicles like a real estate agency’s fleet of cars, while a full vehicle wrap would look nice on a contractor’s fleet of vans.

Can Vehicle Wraps Change My Van’s Colors?

The short answer is: yes! You can definitely order what’s called a color change wrap for your vehicle. You can take your van from a boring shade of white or gray to something brighter than matches your brand. Color change wraps are full vehicle wraps, so they will cost more than just putting a partial wrap on your van.

How Can Vehicle Wraps Help Me Rebrand?

If you have a larger fleet of vehicles, getting them all a custom paint job would get very expensive very quickly. However, if you install even partial vehicle wraps on your fleet, you can get them rebranded quickly and effectively.

Get Vehicle Wraps for Your Company’s Fleet Today

You don’t have to go over budget to get a great-looking fleet of vehicles. Instead, consider custom vehicle wraps. They look amazing and cost far less than repainting a bunch of trucks or vans, making them an ideal choice for many businesses. If you are thinking about designing and installing vehicle wraps for your fleet, get in touch with Street Style Sign Studio to see what we can do for you. Contact us today for a free quote.

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