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Designing Ideas for Custom Hotel Room Signage

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Hotels mostly depend on signs to attract and retain their customers. If you have a hotel, you need to ensure that you have unique and functional signage for the different areas of your premise. Here are some of the best ideas that will work for you.

Consider the Design Elements

It is vital you consider the look of your rooms. The signage should go perfectly with the flooring, bedding, lighting fixtures and the color of the wall. You should also put in mind the feel and look of your brand during the designing process. Let the elements of your design match your hotel room color scheme.

Avoid Using Reflective Materials

When doing the design, don’t use reflective materials because they might not work well for many people. Make sure you use numbers and letters that are contrasting with the background. To ensure that other business signs do not clash, it’s good to have custom hotel room signage that complements other signage you have in your hotel.

Place Them In a Strategic Location

As you do the designing, you should also make sure that you place the signs in a strategic location in the room. Signs showing the room numbers should be placed either on the left or right of the door room. Those showing direction should be placed according to what they are indicating. Those giving warnings such as instructing people not to smoke should be placed on the wall of the room or the door. No matter where you will be placing the signage, make sure they have attractive colors that are easy to recognize by all guests.

Apply Creativity

As you design your custom hotel room signage, don’t be afraid to apply high-level creativity in the process. Make sure that you have signage that works well with your room décor and theme. You can include unique designs that will make your signage stand out from those used by your competitors.

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