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Creative and Consistent Fleet Graphics to Boost Your Brand

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Partial Vehicle Wraps for Event in NYC

A vehicle wrapped in well-designed logos, graphics, and images is a great way to get your brand noticed and remembered in a place people wouldn’t normally encounter your brand. Known as fleet graphics, you can think of graphic wraps on company vehicles as rolling advertisements. But they’re more than that.

Fleet graphics ensure a cohesive brand identity. And because the graphics are printed on a flat material that is then applied to the vehicle, they can be made to fit any vehicle. In this way, custom vehicle wraps can be made to fit all of your business vehicles, no matter the make, model, or size.

Fleet graphics can greatly boost brand visibility, especially when placed on multiple vehicles. You can think of them as moving billboards that will be seen by a far wider audience than you could achieve with static location signage.

Consistency is Key

Repetition is the key to effective branding.

Repetition is the key to effective branding. The idea is to continuously put the same image or message in front of a person until it becomes nearly unforgettable. Consistent fleet graphics will improve brand image and brand recall. If you opt for different messages on each vehicle, they should use the same visual language and style, along with a consistent logo, so that people make the connection to your brand. But ideally, your fleet vehicles should all be the same for maximum branding impact.

The fleet graphics should look similar to each other, but they should also stand out. You don’t want them looking like anything else on the roads. The ideal image is a graphic that is instantly recognizable, unique, and memorable.

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