Branding Your Storefront with Custom Signs and Window Graphics

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On a busy retail street, getting the attention of customers and convincing them to enter your store is one of the challenges faced by shop owners. 

There is a lot of competition and plenty of distractions for people walking by. Window graphics can be an effective tool in your efforts to capture attention. 

The window can be used as a space to enhance and expand on the information transmitted by your storefront sign and sidewalk sandwich board. 

Use window graphics to tell your brand story.

Window Graphics

The eye-level location of a storefront window is an ideal location for placing information that would encourage people to enter your business. Depending on the type of business, this may be things such as brands sold within the store, or perhaps it could include the types of products being sold. 

While this can be done with simple lettering, there are also interesting ways to approach visual communication through the use of graphic design. For instance, instead of using words, you could use icons or symbols, such as an image of a shoe instead of the word “shoe.”

But window graphics do more than tell people what is in your store. They can also be used to communicate your brand personality or tell your brand story. By getting people interested in your brand, you can create a curiosity that will encourage them to walk through the door. 

Small-Scale or Large-Scale

There are several types of material that can be used to create your window graphics. One option is to use a solid material, which is good for small-scale graphics. When the design takes up the entire window, using a perforated material is a good idea. This way, the light will still be able to enter the location, and people will be able to see out. 

When privacy or discretion is a concern, using a translucent material will allow light in, while blocking people from seeing inside. 

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