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Boost Foot Traffic to Your Retail Store with These Signage Ideas

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Custom Retail Store Signs

It’s important to focus on appearance when trying to attract customers. Like a stylist, you have to make the best of what you already have. 

Here are the best ways to get more visitors to your shop.

  1. Create a visible monument sign

A compelling sing is a very attractive invitation for visitors. A changing digital signage is a perfect option.

  1. A great window display

Your window display can be an invitation to passers-by. It encourages impulse sales and makes you curious.

  1. A red welcome mat

A plush, red carpet with a welcome sign draws attention to your store. People notice it and it leads them to your selling place.

  1. Put your best out front 

A shiny new vehicle put in front of your store really grabs the customers’ attention. An image of a pretty woman says you are the source of excitement.

  1. Light pole signs

Often seen at gas stations and fast food restaurants, pole signs can showcase your best product.

  1. Flying flags

A string of bright flags on a light pole is an attractive invitation to your business.

  1. Decorate outside walls

Freestanding banner holders can be put on a building or by your doors.

  1. Parkway decorations

Wicket signs are often used for open houses because of their low price. They are pushed into the ground and can stand there.

  1. Portable signs

Small, portable signs can be put in front of your business to attract customers. They can give your store a professional look.

  1. Plants

Some business, very often restaurants, do not use ads but instead plants. They do this because they know a bunch of flowers will attract customers.

  1. Use the wind 

Balloons are a great thing to provide movement and attention to your business. Plenty of balloons also look very attractive in malls.

  1. Use NFC and QR codes – go mobile

QR codes are square barcodes you can scan to call up information. By using them, you can learn more about the product or order it.

What NOT to Do

  1. Sign boys

You don’t want to look desperate trying to attract customers to your business. So it is not advisable to use people for arrow duties. That is not the right image for your business.

  1. Junk store

It’s not advisable to put your old sale merchandise onto the sidewalk. It looks like a garage sale and no one will be interested in things no one wanted.

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