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Add Texture With Carving Wood Signs and Sandblasting

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Adding texture to a sign, whether it’s a storefront or a monument sign, is a good way to create interest and attract attention. For a three-dimensional effect, carving wood signs are a great option. An equally interesting — but flatter — option is sandblasting signs. 

Adding texture to your sign with carving or sandblasting will add dimension and make it more dynamic. 

Wood signs are elegant and unique.

Carving Wood Signs

When creating carving wood signs, there are two main options for the lettering and graphic elements, such as a logo. The elements can be cut into the sign, given the look of the letters or logo being pressed into the sign, with a flat front. Or the elements can be made to stand out by cutting away the areas around the letters and logo. This custom signs New York will give a raised letter look. 

Carved wood signs tend to have a rustic and warm look. They also have a handcrafted look to them, even though most wood signs are made on computer-controlled machines. The reasons for using machines such as CNC routers are to improve efficiency and lower cost. Hand-carving is a time-intensive, and therefore expensive, process. Regardless of the method used to create the sign, the emotions evoked by a wooden sign are the same – they feel authentic, homey, and historic. If these attributes align with your brand personality, carved wood signs are a good option. 

Sandblasting Signs

For brands that have a more modern or contemporary aesthetic, sandblasting signs are a good option. This method creates dimension through contrast by adding shadows to your sign. Often, the look of a sandblasted sign is described as clean and modern. 

Adding dimension is a great way to make your signage stand out and be remembered. This is true for a storefront sign as well as a monument sign. 

Ready to get started with the design of your new, textured signage? Get a quote today. 

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