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5 Design Strategies for Compelling Retail Signage

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Today, retail customers want to access information, products, and opinions at a glance. Hence, as a retailer, you should use a simple, unique and a direct strategy. Below are design strategies to have compelling retail signage. 

Pick Colors That Match Your Brand 

The colors you use are very important. For example, a women’s clothing business might choose passionate pink and red colors, but a doctor’s office may not feel okay with those colors. It’s, therefore, essential to select colors that match your brand. 

Give Your Customer a Reason to Care 

You shouldn’t promote your products if you can’t give the reader of the signage a reason to care. One of the design strategies for compelling retail signage makes the reader care. For example, some of the questions you need to answer include:

  • Will the dress look good when going for an interview? 
  • Should I drink the juice?
  • Will my hair change once I buy your product?

Give the potential customer a convincing reason why they must do whatever the signage is directing them. 

Keep the Message Short and Direct 

We are living in an era where everyone is on the move. Hence, good retail signage should be short, and straight to the point. Also, the length of the signage should match the sign’s style. If your signage can’t offer all at a glance, it’s better you make some changes. But for indoor signage, the message can be a bit longer since the reader is already in the store and concerned in your products. 

Choose an Edible Font 

An ordinary person will see a lot of brand messages on the way. If you want your retail signage to stand out, it must be edible. Apart from keeping the words short and direct, don’t let the reader’s mind use extra effort to read them. Your message font is very important. Try to use bright characters without any confusing flourishes and curlicues. This will ensure your message reaches many people. 

Be Creative 

We all love creativity and innovation especially when new products are concerned. Readers will find unique signage refreshing and uplifting. Even though you need to keep it short, direct and straightforward, don’t be so general. Have fun and embrace creativity. 

At Street Style Sign Studio, we offer retail stores the unique signage to attract and retain customers. If you’re looking for the best strategy to boost your sales, contact us now.

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