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3 Ways to Get Better at Selling Using Signs In Your Retail Store

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A good salesperson is always there for his customer, but the trouble of a booming business or a business you want to be booming is that you are unable to be at all places at the same time. This is why over the years advertisers and psychologists alike have devised a number of ways your Point of Sales (POS) can become the extension of your presence. This is done by using signs.

Signs in a store are there for the same reason why there are signs on the road — to lead people where they want to go. Unlike you, the sign doesn’t ask the customer what they want. It tells them.

  1. Get Their Attention

Go with the big and the bright, simple as that. The retail signs you make for the merchandise you want to focus on is the one that commands attention and that will ensure your customer that, yes, this is exactly what they were looking for.

Always start with the name of the product on the top, and the most important feature just beneath it. If you are selling clothes, the price should stand there.

Write something that will inform and entice the customer, something simple yet always true: „Today for only this amount of dollars…“ – and you don’t even need to change the sign every day, as every day is today.

  1. Guide Your Customer

The general rule is that the most important stuff is clearly marked and stand at the very end of the aisle, away from the door. The everyday essentials are by the counters and the less important merchandise is on the way to the end.

This might just sound counter-intuitive, but with signs you will clearly tell your customer where is the awesome item they have been informed about in the store window, right pass the things they will buy on impulse, and they can get some gum by the counter.

Make your customer see what you have to offer by using signs.

  1. Color Code Everything

Colors matter as more than 80% of the shopping we make is based on the color of the product. Your store is your product and it should also be color-coded so that your customers can easily navigate from things that they need to things that they want.

Keep your store bright, colorful and cheery. Use blue and green as much as you can, red to gain attention, and black to show conservative quality.

Call the Pros

If you can use your colorful signs to get the attention of your customers and guide them to your product, then you don’t need to be at all places at once — you already are there.

Contact Street Style Signs for innovative and modern signage solutions.

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