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Best Location for Your Logo Lobby Sign

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Composition is important when placing a sign. When considering where to place your sign, look at the entire space and think about how the sign adds to the space. It can help to think of the scene as a picture, with the goal of using the logo lobby sign as an important part of the image composition. 

In other words, you want to find a spot that makes the sign a focal point. The composition of the sign itself is also an important design consideration. 

The sign should be custom-made to fit the location.

Logo Lobby Sign Placement

The sign should be custom-made to fit the location. In this way, you are able to take advantage of the various sign-making methods to create an attractive and attention-grabbing sign. Some options available in custom signs include three-dimensional designs, the use of a wide range of materials, from wood to metals to plastics, and also the option to incorporate lighting into the sign design. 

The office lobby signs should be noticeable and it should stand out, but it also needs to look like it belongs in the space. In other words, you want the sign to be noticeable because of its good design, not because it looks out of place. 

Composition and Customization

A logo lobby sign that flows with the location is the goal. At the same time, you want the sign to be the center of attention. Placing it where people will see it when they first enter the space will help it to attract attention. 

Another option is to place the sign above the reception desk in a business, as this is often where people first go when entering a business. 

Customizing the shape, size, height, and width of the sign will ensure it fits the space in the best possible way, while also maximizing the attractiveness of the sign and making it more dynamic. 

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