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ADA Signs – Help Customers Who Use Wheelchairs

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ADA Restroom Signs for Handicap People

According to the CDC, one out of 4 adults in the US live with some type of disability. In a 2017 statistic, nearly a million people with disabilities live in New York.

With this many people having some level of disability, businesses need to cater to their needs. As such, the Americans with Disabilities Act has made this possible. Businesses are required to follow certain guidelines specific to the ADA regulations.

These guidelines include making reasonable adjustments to different aspects of your business. Examples include providing reserved parking, improving accessibility in certain work areas, and signage.

The Necessity of ADA-Compliant Signs

ADA signage is a sign that follows a set of standards for compliance. These standards include design elements like:

  • Raised, tactile letters.
  • The right color contrasts.
  • Mounting height.
  • The use of grade 2 braille.

They are required both inside and outside of your business space. Among all the signs, only those that identify permanent rooms or spaces inside your building need to have custom ADA signs.

Accessibility signs are valuable for every business because of these reasons:

ADA braille signs help a person with visual impairment navigate your space

Braille signs are usually used to identify rooms, spaces, or areas. The inclusion of braille ensures that a person with low or complete visual impairment can identify these rooms without having to ask someone for information.

ADA restroom signs, for example, need to include braille. It is good to note that grade 2 braille is used for all braille signs.

Reserved parking with ADA parking signs in New York

Businesses with car parking lots are required to have designated parking spots for people with disabilities. These are marked with parking signs that contain the international symbol of access, or the wheelchair symbol.

ADA parking signs in New York help people with disabilities know where they can park. These spots are usually near the building’s entrance.

ADA signs help customers who use wheelchairs

Having the right signs and symbols ensures that a wheelchair user can freely navigate your space. This is particularly important as these signs signify areas that are wheelchair accessible.

Take for example ADA restroom signs that have the wheelchair symbol. These signs tell wheelchair users that there is an accessible restroom available for them.

ADA signage creates a better business atmosphere

Custom ADA signs make your business a safer, more accessible space. This creates a more comfortable experience for all of your customers. When people with disabilities know that they can comfortably do business in your space, they are more likely to become returning customers.

Your Trusted Sign Partner in New York

Make sure your business follows ADA standards with the right ADA-compliant signs today. For high-quality signs solutions, only trust Street Style Sign Studio for help.

Our team is well-versed in ADA rules and guidelines. We make sure your accessibility signs are on par with the regulations to prevent any problems or liabilities.

Contact us today with your ADA signage needs and get a free quote from our team.

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