Extend the Effect of a Logo Sign with Custom Wall Graphics

The Hope Program Wall Graphics for Office Space in NYC

Where you place your logo sign can have an impact on the customer experience. When placing signage, be sure to consider the entire space. Most importantly, it must be highly visible. For maximum impact, place your logo sign front and center in the lobby, reception area, or waiting room. Prominent placement of your logo lets […]

Interior Wall Graphics Help Shape the Customer Experience

Pleasant Wall Graphics by Street Style Studio for Interior Lounge Area of Office in NYC

Think of the surfaces inside your business as canvases where you can place graphics to enhance the customer experience. These interior graphics are a great way to continue telling your brand story while leaving your customers with a memorable experience. These graphics can use text to deliver a specific message or feeling while using color […]

How Custom Wall Murals Can Effectively Increase Brand Awareness

Wall Murals Street Style Sign Studio

You can completely transform your office, lobby, shop, or place of business with custom wall murals. These days, consumers aren’t just looking to purchase a product; they are looking for an experience and a way to connect with the companies and brands they support. We can help you find innovative ways to tell your brand […]

Window Privacy Film Adds Professionalism, Branding, and Privacy

Using Stylish Window Privacy Film Why sacrifice your workplace’s aesthetics for privacy? In an office space, frosted windows are an excellent solution for keeping the space looking bright and luminous while still blocking visibility for private meetings and consultations, etc. If you want your office to look modern and appeal to clients while establishing your […]