Lobby Logo Signs

From catching the eye of visitors to giving important information about your brand, a lobby or logo sign can make a big impact. With different options to suit the needs of the client and to bring the two-dimensional image of a logo to life, our team can capture the feel of your company and match the image and colors perfectly.

Customization Options for Lobby Signs

  • Component Customization. The board behind the letters is as customizable as the letters and graphics. With different options in shapes and colors, each sign is its own unique product.
  • Atypical Display. If you want extra flair for your lobby area, we can help. We can install wall lettering, incorporate a mural display that showcases the image of your brand, or use illumination options to create a unique ambience.
  • Material Options. We offer options in acrylic, foam, metal, PVC, glass, stone, and wood. We can incorporate different materials in the same sign or stick to one cohesive look. Contact us today to find out how we can best create a sign for your vision.