Channel Letter

Channel Letters are closely related to Cabinet Signs. The big difference is the lack of aluminum frame and a less boxed in look. This can be great for companies that pride their designs in being modern and sleek. This can also open a lot of opportunities for more modern looking design, especially for brand new locations.

If the boxed in feel of a Cabinet Sign doesn’t fit your needs, you may find a better option with our Channel Letter Signs.

Getting the Most out of Channel Letters

  • Thoughtful typography. Choosing the best font will be one of the key components of an effective channel letter sign. By selecting a bolder font, you will get much more exposure out of your investment and ensure your sign can be read from far away.
  • Color Selection. Having the right color can also impact the look of your sign. Even the boldest font won’t stand a chance if it isn’t done in the right color. By adding contrast, more people will be able to properly read your sign. A great way to do this is to have a light-colored letter with a dark border or in reverse.
  • High impact lettering. Our Channel Letters come with three different options in lighting to make sure every sign has maximum impact. With our settings, we consider what type of illumination is around your store and how much you need to amp up your exposure. Our team will tailor your lighting to your location to ensure everyone who passes can find your store.

Not sure where to start? Contact our professionals or give us a call. We’ll work on your behalf on the difficult parts while you let us know what design you would like. We help from start to finish to ensure every job is our best.