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High-Quality Metal Signs in Manhattan

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Durable and Distinctive Metal Signage

Metal signs offer a versatile and enduring solution suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Renowned for their resilience and resistance to the elements, metal signs, including tin and brass variants, maintain their shape and luster when properly maintained over the years.

These Manhattan Signs are particularly effective for providing directions or creating a lasting impression on passers-by. Custom Metal Signage offers numerous advantages for business signs, including durability, craftsmanship, and a contemporary aesthetic.

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Key Features of Custom Metal Signs For Your Business

  1. Durability and Weather Resistance:
    • Resistant to rust and rot, making them ideal for indoor use.
    • Long-lasting, ensuring a vibrant and enduring sign design.
    • Suited for various metals, including aluminum, brass, tin, and stainless steel.
  2. Customization Options:
    • Cut into any shape using CNC cutting, allowing versatile signage, letters, and logos.
    • Wide range of styles, patterns, and themes for personalized metal signs.
  3. Indoor & Outdoor Application:
    • Available in various finishes, including conventional glossy aluminum signs.
    • State-of-the-art printers enable double-sided printing for maximum visibility.

Installation Methods: Metal signs are installed using secure and effective methods:

  1. On Stand:
    • Securely mount metal signage to a post using nuts and bolts.
  2. On Wall:
    • Direct placement on walls with customization options in thickness and design.
  3. In Frame:
    • Hanging signs in a frame using rope, twine, or a bungee cord.

Metal Lobby Signs

Custom Metal Signs serve as an exceptional way to set your business apart. Featuring dimensional lettering or forms, these signs convey a sense of sophistication and establishment compared to flat alternatives like vinyl or digital graphics. Custom signs cater to various purposes, allowing construction from diverse materials and thicknesses. Whether large and exterior-facing or small and wall-mounted in reception areas, the possibilities are limitless.

Street Style Sign Studios, as a metal sign company, takes pride in its versatility. Offering material options for personalized signs, including all-metal or acrylic/metal combos, adds depth and intrigue to your display. The combination of different materials allows us to deliver signage that perfectly aligns with your business identity.

Why Opt for a Professional Metal Sign Company in Manhattan

Working with a full-service sign fabricator provides the benefit of extensive experience and an extensive array of material choices. Street Style Sign Studios assists in determining whether aluminum metal signs or other flat sign variations best suit your project needs. With a track record of designing metal signs across various industries, our expertise ensures your signage stands out effectively.