Wayfinding Signage in Hamilton Heights

Using Innovative Wayfinding Signage to Elevate Your Hamilton Heights Business

We love to collaborate with Hamilton Heightsl businesses, helping them carve out their spot in their neighborhood. Our team lives and breathes the NYC art scene and street life, giving us unique insight into what works and what doesn’t when it comes to Wayfinding Signage. We want to help you stand out and ensure your brand becomes a vibrant and electrifying stable in the NYC landscape.

How to Brand ADA Compliant Signage

There are many rules for your signage to be ADA compliant, but that doesn’t mean that they need to be generic. All signage is an opportunity to enhance your brand, even ADA signage. 

First and foremost, your ADA signage needs to provide safety to every customer, regardless of ability. The very nature of having ADA signage is going to be great for your brand image as it makes your business inclusive to all, but don’t stop there. Once we’ve included all the required elements, we can start to branch out and incorporate your brand

Stylized ADA Signage

Size, lettering, font, spacing, placement, and installation all have to comply with ADA rules and regulations, but that still leaves room for branding. Colors and materials can be great branding tools. We love to find unique ways to incorporate your brand voice into ADA signage by taking design cues from other branding materials. A simple identifying sign for the public restroom can be customized to reflect your brand using similar materials and textures to draw a throughline from your ADA signage to all other signage and branding. 

We have a passion for creative branding solutions that work on multiple levels.  Let’s work together to enhance your brand in the Hamilton Heights area.

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