Interior Signage in Lenox Hill

Speaking with one consistent brand voice is the cornerstone of every great branding strategy. Finding your brand voice is our specialty. We are all artists that know how to use design, materials, colors, and texture to perfectly express each message. All Interior Signage should stand alone and fulfill a specific purpose but should always echo your brand voice. Our team will partner and collaborate with you to create dynamic and effective graphic design and branding solutions to get your Lenox Hill business noticed.

Take Your Marketing to the Streets of New York City With Custom Vehicle Wraps

In this day and age, your customers are often awash in a sea of static advertisements that can easily get lost in the mix, especially in “the city that never sleeps.” So, how do you find a creative and compelling ad medium for your NYC business that will help you stand out from the crowd? Take it to the streets with custom vehicle wraps.

Most Effective Marketing Tool for Your Business

Vehicle wraps refer to a sheath of material wrapped around a vehicle and to which graphics or other custom artwork is printed. Vehicle wraps can be a valuable tool in your marketing arsenal because they draw your potential customers’ eyes away from the countless flashing billboards and traditional signage you see everywhere. With vehicle wraps, your vehicle becomes a rolling billboard, allowing you to go where your customers are instead of waiting for your customers to come to you. Unlike traditional marketing, custom vehicle wraps can be easily removed, changed, or upgraded as your business grows and evolves. 

Vehicle Wraps are Cost-Effective

When it comes to wrapping your vehicle versus the cost of renting ad space on a billboard, the cost per impression for a vehicle wrap vastly outpaces all other marketing. Even a single compact vehicle will garner tens of thousands of impressions a day. You can’t afford to miss out on this type of marketing.  

The in-house Graphic Design team at Street Style Sign Studio can help you design and install your custom vehicle wraps, turning your vehicles into a moving billboard for your business. Call us at (917) 508-0600 to get started.

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