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Incorporating Building Architecture Into Logo Sign Design

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Good architecture considers its surroundings. And good logo sign design considers the architecture around it. The best logo sign design will consider placement and the materials of the wall where it will hang. For maximum effect, the materials of the wall should be accounted for in the signage design.

Sign Design Tips

Taking into consideration the surrounding wall and building design allows for a design that best makes use of the available materials. Ask yourself how the building architecture, texture, colors, and materials can help to accentuate your business sign.

Incorporating principles of contrast, for instance, will help your sign to stand out. One way to do this is to use a sign color that strongly contrasts with the building color. This will make the signage stand out from the surrounding building.

Going in the opposite direction, you can achieve a more subtle look by blending the wall colors into your signage. The direction you take depends on several factors, including how familiar people are with your business and the mood or personality of your brand.

Whichever option you choose, the building façade should add to the sign design.

A business doesn’t always have a choice in the exterior look of their building, but they do have a choice with their signage and graphics. By choosing the right type of graphic treatment and sign, nearly any building can be given a treatment that best reflects the attitude and message of the business.

To do this requires a creative eye, a skilled hand, and a knowledge of the available options. These are exactly the sorts of skills you will find at a professional sign shop.

The staff at Street Style Signs can help guide you towards the right style and type of sign that will look best on your building façade.

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