Improve Lobby Foot Traffic and Flow with Wayfinding Signage

Improving Your Traffic Flow in Your Office

Do you find that your lobby area tends to get crowded with too many people trying to learn where to go in your office? Without clear wayfinding signage, clients may end up frustrated in your workplace. Clients can also end up late for meetings, or new hires could lose productivity while learning to navigate your space, and more. Without wayfinding signage, you could face many obstacles that would impair others’ enjoyment of your space and could limit productivity.

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Use on-brand wayfinding signage to enhance guest experiences.

Guiding People With Wayfinding Signage That’s On-Brand

Your signs are helpful for controlling foot traffic in your workplace. If you choose wayfinding signage that’s easy to read and understand, you can easily guide visitors, clients, new hires, and more so people will feel comfortable in your workplace. While you’ll want your signage to be highly visible and legible, you can still remain on-brand by customizing your sign according to your other business signs and marketing. You’ll be able to establish flow in your office while showing everyone what your business is about. Use your wayfinding signage as an opportunity to leave a positive and memorable impression on people while helping prevent traffic jams in your lobby.

Creating Consistent Wayfinding Signage

Improve your guest experience and boost your branding with your well-planned wayfinding signs. The more smoothly you can direct your guests, the better their impression will be of your establishment. By associating your business with pleasant experiences and feelings, your clients will trust your services more and want to rely on you. If they feel good in your workplace, they’ll want to invest more.

Street Style Sign Studio

Want to spread your branding and enhance your guest experiences at the same time? Street Style Sign Studio offers customizable sign solutions to promote your business and market your services in a stylish, modern way. Draw more clients and guide them through your workplace with your visually appealing signs that suit your brand. From outdoor standalone signs to indoor office decals, you can make your brand seen and known.

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