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High Impact Event Signage Ideas for 2018

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It is a fact that excellent signage has the potential of attracting attention. Events are a good opportunity for you to promote your brand regardless of whether they are held outdoors or indoors. What really matters is that you use high-quality signage that is well purposed.

It is essential to keep your audience engaged right from the entrance with messages and directional signage. Your aim should be to make an impact and stand out from the rest. Signage is critical in events because it generates a sense of both position and credibility.

The following are some event signage ideas for 2018 that can be used to make a high impact:

Directional Signage

It is essential for attendees to easily navigate through an event as it is the only way they can successfully find you. Use columns, walls, windows and floors to sign up and ensure they are vividly marked. Use color and keep it clean and simple. Poor signage has the potential of making you lose a good business opportunity. You can use the main color of your brand in your entire event space.

Create Zones

You should be keen on creating a full 360-degree impact or even a simple demarcation on your event space. You can use screening runs, perimeter hoardings, and mesh borders. Effective zoning can increase audience recognition as it functions as a screen and high-profile advertisement.

Use Surroundings

It is not mandatory that you put signage on walls alone. You can use pavements and trees to display the banner; your message will still be passed across. Other good ideas for your event signage are diving platforms, lifts, boats, escalators, and stairwells. They have a big footfall of individuals hence provide excellent opportunities to initiate the thinking process of people about your brand.

The Floor

This is a bit unusual, but it is an effective place to put signage. Print some innovative materials such as floor graphics that are easy to apply and are aesthetically appealing for the whole duration of your event.

Become Social

You can use signage to create hype or buzz; this will make people talk about your event on various social media.

See Through Graphics

Big windows graphics are effective, especially in big venues. This is because they can be easily viewed from the outside and inside. For temporary events, go for see-through graphics.

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