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When it comes to signage systems, everybody is focusing on the design or placement, neglecting other important features. According to a study, the font that is used for displaying the text can have a huge impact and sometimes it can even make the difference between a successful sign and a total failure.

In order to have an effective signage, you will have to choose it for every particular sign, according to your company’s profile and what you want to promote with it.

In the following, we will try to make this choice easier for you and explain how to select the best sign font for your signage, according to your particular needs.

  1. Helvetica.

Helvetica is the most commonly used sign font by professionals and amateurs together. Even though this font is considered a little common by some graphic designers, Helvetica is still able to bring a positive impact to your signage and when you are trying to promote a service, you can never go wrong with it. Still, this sign font is not suited for a retail business or for a business that promotes itself through flashy ads. If you are running such a business, then you should consider switching to something more “unconventional”.

  1. Bickham Script Pro.

This sign font is perfect for a classy or formal occasion, but it will also work well on promotional signs for restaurants, cafes or clothing shops. Bickham is not suited for displaying a promotion or a heavy discount session, but it’s perfect for inviting your potential customers to an elegant place, which puts an accent on luxury and good taste. Even if this sign font is not as easily readable as others, people will notice it easier and will be interested in reading it.

  1. Frutiger.

Frutiger is the most versatile font, allowing you to make several adjustments to its size, thickness or even to add special effects like shadows or 3D display. This font doesn’t follow a geometrical pattern and it’s designed to be easily readable by people, no matter how far away from the sign they are. Frutiger is the perfect sign font for retail, even if we’re talking about outdoor or indoor signage. Also, Frutiger can be successfully used for certain promotions, discounts or other type of special offers, since it delivers the message faster than other sign fonts.

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